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St Patrick’s Day- Biz

Saint Patrick’s Day: Be Green with a Green Business Opportunity

Move over cupid and red hearts! Green shamrocks and leprechauns are taking over!  For many Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration filled with green, gold, shamrocks, and lucky leprechauns.  But for others March 17th is a day where the Irish celebrate with a meal of corn beef and cabbage and wash it down with an ice cold beer – maybe a Green one.  But what many overlook is the true meaning behind this green covered holiday.

green business opportunityu 300x225 Saint Patrick’s Day: Be Green with a Green Business Opportunity green business opportunity

Saint Patrick is seen as the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland known for bringing Christianity to the country.  But the legend Saint Patrick is most known for is driving the snakes from Ireland.  You are probably thinking of how did he do that?  But you too can be like St. Patrick and “drive the snakes from Ireland”.  However, instead of snakes your will be driving trash out of our environment.  When you stop and think about it, we have a lot of trash that goes undetected surrounding us throughout the day, in our offices, homes, and around the town.  Now think of how often you think about doing something to fix our obvious trash trouble.

It is actually a very simple problem to solve.  In fact, you already have the tools and skills to do so.  By starting your green business, not only will you be able to work from your own home or be your own boss, but you will be passing the knowledge to other companies that they could be saving money by recycling.

I can’t exactly say you’ll be canonized as a Saint and have a holiday named after you, but Saint Patrick started small too! So the next time you pass a celebrant of Saint Patrick’s Day, think of how you can make every day green and drive the trash from our environment by creating your own entirely eco-friendly business.